Les (celesteh) wrote in packersnpacking,

Vixen's silicon softpack

I have Vixen's silicon softpack. They seem to only come in size xxl and seem to be more suitable for dragking stage performance than everyday wear. First of all, aside form the bigness, they're not very soft. Apparently, it feels like a hardon through pants. It's almost stiff enough for penetration.

On the plus side, you can boil it and it's not toxic. Also, it could be kind of sexy in certain circumstances.

Some of the size problem could be solved by cutting the end off, but I can't bring myself to do it. I think the over-firmness could be solved by hollowing it out. I've read instructions about hollowing out cyberskin packers with heat guns. I don't think breathing the fumes from that could possibly be healthy. So what about using a heat gun on vixskin? Would it even work? What would I be breathing? Of course, using a knife might also work, if you were careful. Has anybody here tried taking an exacto blade to these things?
Tags: commercial, vixskin
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