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In the name of contributing to a new place...

Geez, just when you thought there was already a community for -everything-, this comes along.
Well, hell, cool. Hopefully people will use it.

For the sake of this not being a wholly useless post, I'll toss in my two cents.

I was unable to get my hands on (read: afford. not grope, hee) a decent packer for a few months; as is I'll probably get one soon, now that I've got the means. Anyways, in the span of that time, I've used the condom-and-hairgel method and been pretty pleased with it. Obviously it's not the least bit realistic to actually look at (especially with the bright turquoise color of my hair gel...) but it fits very nicely in the pants and I have to say, I just feel -better- wearing it than not.

Instructions on making a condom/hairgel packer are here</a>, and elsewhere on the internet, though it all seems to be the same basic idea. They also give a recipe for 'gak' stuff you can make to use instead of hair gel, though I've found the gel to work fine. Couldn't say if it'd pass a grope test, as I've yet to get groped wearing it. xD

A few things about this method:
~Mine stayed in good condition for around four months. Just recently I realized it was looking a little sad and made a new one. Your mileage may vary; I was wearing this thing 24/7, so I guess it's no great shock that it ended up a bit droopy and deflated.
~Double-bag! Fill your condom up with gel/gak, then tie it, then put it in another condom. I've been lucky enough not to have anything go wrong with mine, but on the off chance the inner condom springs a leak or something, you definitely want an extra layer just for safety's sake.
~When I first made mine, I got a little nervous because I was sure I could smell the hair gel too strongly. It fades with time, I promise. That being said, you probably don't want anything heavily scented.
~The first time I tried to make one, I used not hair gel but a sort of "hair glue". You know, the stuff for "extreme styling" and what not?
Don't. Doesn't work. Just get some medium-hold sculpting gel or something.
~Wearing it: I imagine you could just stick it in a nylon or something similar and drop it into briefs. I wear boxers, so I put mine either in a sock or, recently, a cut off "foot" from a pair of old pantyhose, then safety pin that to the inside waistband of the shorts. There's also harnesses and things out there that you can buy or make, assuming they'd work with this kind of a packer.

Whew, that was a mouthful. Hope it's useful to someone, even if a lot of it isn't new.
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