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[The PPP trials...]

The PPP Trials

This is a epic essay comprehensive write up and review of a realistic pant stuffer and stand to pee device, including a very detailed write up of my first week using the device. This post obviously contains details about urination, so if this squicks you, don’t read it!

I meant to post this a while back, but I hope it’s still helpful to some of you guys who are looking at buying a device.

I received a small parcel, which stated that it contained ‘undergarments’ from Canada. I was slightly confused as I didn’t think that I’d bought any more underwear since my Aussiebum blow out at Christmas, but then I noticed the sender and realised that my package contained my new package!
One PPP, that’s a Passin’ Pissin’ Packer, by DJ knows dicks; medium (6”) and in cockasian beige.
The first thing I noticed was how heavy the parcel was, and although I knew that the item was meant to approximate the weight of a bio penis and testicles I didn’t think that a guy’s meat and two veg was that weighty!

Although I had just gone, I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I boiled the kettle and made a huge pot of tea and drank the whole thing! I then spent a torturous 20 minutes willing my bladder to fill.
Eventually I felt the urge and went to the bathroom. I spent a while trimming the tube to size, and when I was satisfied I put it in place. I decided to do this in the nude, because I assumed I wouldn’t get it right the first time. I exhaled, staring at my destination and relaxed my muscles. I felt for a moment that I was going to pee down my leg but then suddenly a golden stream appeared – flowing exactly where I aimed it!

I was pleased, I put on my clothes and continued getting ready. I chose some black briefs and some distressed jeans that had a dark denim crotch and a slightly irregular mix of blues so that if I didn’t get it right it wouldn’t show.
It took quite some time to get it to sit right, so that it was comfortable but didn’t look like I was pleased to see everyone.
I found that it had to sit much further down to look tasteful – almost entirely right between my legs rather than on top of my clit. I also found that having an extra bit of a bulge there means that I have to wear my jeans lower down, so rather than a 26/28” x 34” I’m much better in a 30” x 32”. (which is quite handy as jeans in a 26L are a bugger to find. ^^)

I pee’d another two times before I left the house and found that aside from a couple of drips I was able to use the device exactly as intended!

We started out in the car and after a while, I felt the rest of the tea starting to take effect. Luckily, we were about to stop for lunch anyway. We pulled into a Little Chef and found that it was the perfect place for my first time using the big boys bathroom! There were only two urinals and two stalls – the sort of bathroom that would mean that by the usual etiquette if someone did come in whilst I was whizzing then they head for a stall.

I stood in place, arranged myself and stared at the tiled wall. After a couple of deep breaths, I started and found that once more I was going the right way! Watching the stream splash against the porcelain I found a deep sense of childish satisfaction, and even once I had sat down to eat I was grinning like a loon.
The next rest stop wasn’t as successful. There was a line of a couple of dozen urinals and half a dozen stalls. I stood in place once more but found that I just couldn’t go. I moved swiftly to a stall, bolted the door, and found that my confidence returned. I took this opportunity to take it out, give it a proper shake and make sure that the catcher was on securely and the tubing was lined up properly. I was still out in time to make it clear I’d been for a pee, which I felt good about for the first time after spending years taking a little longer to make sure that that fact wasn’t obvious.

Next stop was once we’d got to our hotel, and in the bathroom there I found I was barely having to think about it, and the amount of willing I had to direct towards my urethral muscles was far less already.
I pee’d a few more times at the hotel, being able to wash it between times and then I was ready to go out.
Once at the club, and after my first drink, disaster struck. I sauntered into the gents, assumed the position, and let fire, only to find that my fears had come true and I was peeing down my leg. It took a while for this to register, and I bolted for the stall, and sat on the toilet; but by then my bladder had half emptied, leaving my boxers soaked and a suspicious wet patch extending from my crotch, down my inner thigh to me left knee. I almost cried, but then decided that at least it was here and no one saw! I patted myself down as best I could and went grimly to wash my hands.

Luckily, in the club’s lack of very bright light, the wet patch on my black pinstripe trousers wasn’t visible, I went outside in the dark for a cigarette and to make sure that if I did cry no one saw. Once I was back in the club and kneeling on the floor no one would have been able to tell that I’d had an accident. I was also glad that I was well hydrated so my pee was mainly water and didn’t smell at all. I dried off remarkably quickly, and within an hour, aside from still feeling slightly squicked, I was okay again.
I used the urinals there again that night, successfully this time, but slowed down on my liquid consumption just in case.

Day 2

I fell out of bed, picked up my dick and went to the bathroom. I wasn’t really awake and once I’d been I realised that I must be getting better at this as I didn’t have to actively think about the procedure at all.

We went into town, had lunch, and did some shopping. I found a gents when I needed to go but there was only one urinal working, a guy cleaning, and an occupied stall. I tried but with the cleaner practically mopping my feet I couldn’t relax enough. There was now a queue, so I shook off and stuck in, pretending to have gone only to sneak swiftly into the disabled toilet next door. Once alone I found I was okay again. This time I wasn’t paying as much attention and got some on the seat, but was actually quite amused by that – it’s something all men do! I was sure to clean up after myself though.

Back at the hotel I was having no going issues, and was becoming more and more confident about my device.
That night I was at a fetish event, and as I was topless I decided the ladies was the easier bet - though I did find that I passed as a guy with breasts rather than a girl! Mind you being in the ‘right’ bathroom at these things is rarely an issue. There was a stall that had no seat, so that was perfect for me and free all night! Again, I had no issues with using it.

Day 3

I managed to not need to go on the trip home, but wasn’t consciously holding back with my liquid intake any more. - Not that I’d been dehydrated at all, just drinking less than my initial two dozen cups of tea because I wanted to practice peeing!

Once home I had no issues aside from a couple of drips because I was in a hurry and knew I was about to get changed anyway.
Later I was out and about in town, so had a multitude of public toilets of varying sizes and busyness.
I tried to go at the urinal at the museum, but it was busy and crowded - there wasn’t really space for a guy to walk through to the stalls if there was a guy at the urinals, and I couldn’t go standing once I’d realised this, so once again I made for a cubicle.

The next bathroom trip was once we were at the pub, which had three different sets of urinals on two floors – i.e. half a dozen at the bottom, a couple of steps up to the sink area and another couple of steps to the area with the stalls and at least a dozen urinals. I went to the top ones, stood at the one second from the far end and took up the stance. There were guys at the lower urinals, at least one guy in the stalls and on guy who was washing his hands – more bodies than in any other bathroom I’d been in. The bathroom was nice, the layout worked well and it was clean and urinals were ergonomic – they were tall and deep with a curved M shaped groove at thigh level that you could brace yourself against. This made it way easier to go, and hence I managed to go with other people around. Not overly nearby, but it was another step forward.

This lasted throughout the night, with me feeling entirely able to drink at my usual pace. I only had a problem at the end of the night, when we were about to go, which was that I tucked it back up without tilting the catcher properly and got a thimbleful of pee in my pants. This showed up quite a bit on my pink shorts but we were going anyway, so I just made my mind up not to linger. Once out in the pub light I found that at a glance it just looked like a shadow from my obvious bulge, so no big deal.

Day 4

After drinking an obscene amount of coffee I found I needed to go just before my lecture was due to start. I was worried that I would have so performance issues because of the tightness on time but found the complete opposite – one in place I looked out of the window near the ceiling, ignored the guy washing his hands right behind me, and marked my territory. I swear the guy was taking his time deliberately as he made his exit the moment I turned to wash my hands. I decided that his suspicions were his problem, so went to my lecture feeling pretty good about myself for overcoming my pee shyness.

I was late for my second lecture and grabbed a form from the front of the room as I came in, assuming it was to do with the lecture. Turns out it wasn’t, as the lecturer said something along the lines of ‘uh, well, you can take one of those if you want… ‘ and the class erupted into riots of laughter. My lecturer announced that he has forgotten what he was saying [now] and so I had time to get to my seat and sorted out whilst the laughter died down. I found out afterwards from a friend that it was a questionnaire for girls only!
So, the last laugh was on me. ^^;

I bounced home, and into the bathroom there, stood in place and… pee’d half down my leg! I was shocked, and once more there was a delayed reaction before I realised that there shouldn’t be any trickling sensations around my left ankle. It wasn’t much of a leak, but enough to make me realise I wasn’t done with my practice yet.

Day 5

I did the same thing again the next day, and after I’d changed into light blue jeans too! I then took it out and gave it a proper cleaning, and whatever I did, it worked fine the next time. I had several uneventful visits to the little boy’s room – which was exactly the desired outcome.

Day 6

I went fine in the morning, but after I got back home I had another mishap. I’d tried, felt that it wasn’t right, and took off my trousers as they were very high waisted and getting in the way. I was about to get changed anyway.

I tried again, and it still wasn’t right. By this time I was pissed off and really needed to go, so I just went. I pissed in the bowl okay, but I also completely pissed my pants. Managed to keep my socks dry at least…
Later in the day I managed okay, I even tried one handed, which was okay aside from peeing on the seat a little. However, I think I’ll leave those tricks to the pros, as I know that a lot of guys prefer to use both hands anyway.

Further Notes.

Firstly, some guys have voiced about the possibility of needing to hold back whilst using a device – I have found the opposite is true, and I’m a lot more likely to have a mishap if I don’t need to pee that badly. So, I would recommend staying well hydrated and only going when you have to, and if you’re gonna go to the bathroom because you’re about to leave on a long trip I’d play it safe and use a stall.

Secondly, resist the urge to look at other guys willies. I have personally found this incredibly difficult. XD

Thirdly, if you do have a minor accident I find that going swiftly to wash your hands, then ‘drying’ them under the air dryer whilst you actually thrust your crotch forward into the air stream and use your hands to keep the dryer on. It doesn’t take very long to dry out, at least to the point where you’re dry on the outside. Obviously, this doesn’t work if there are only hand towels or those groovy dyson ones.
On the other hand, people don’t actually tend to look at your crotch, (or if they do I’ve not had anyone say anything!) and it’s very hard to see wet patches in dark fabrics, particularly if you keep walking.

Another thing is that if you’re going to be walking, sitting, riding or doing any other active things for any length of time you might want to take the catcher off and put it in your pocket, as it can rub in just the wrong way if you’re not careful.

It definitely does really need to be worn in briefs – tight fitting boxers do in a pinch if you’re not wearing baggy bottoms, but loose boxers just won’t keep it in place.
I’ve taken to wearing a jock strap and putting it in the cup pocket for such activities, and for when I wear tight fitting and loose fitting clothes. For tight fitting clothes it gives a smoother line. And I’ve had the catcher come off and make it’s way down my trouser leg when wearing looser garments a number of times already. I’ve also had the whole thing almost fall out when I was wearing small, loose shorts! XD
The extra jiggling to get it out of the cup pocket doesn’t seem to be visible – I wore it like that under my suit at the end of year ball, which was home to the busiest bathrooms I’ve yet encountered, and I don’t feel that I attracted undue attention.

One last thing to note, is that 6” is huge. If I was going to get one again, I’d go with the smaller one. I decided on the medium as I know my dad is well endowed and I figured I might as well go with what I’d have got! However, it is a bit unwieldy, has to be arranged more carefully as to not look obscene and isn't as comfortable as I imagine a smaller model to be.

Other than that I'm very pleased with my purchase, and have been peeing like a big boy perfectly for some time now. I still get shy occasionally, but it's not been a big deal, and it's definitely been worth getting.

Congratulations if you’ve managed not to tl;dr :have a cookie: – and if you have any questions on the subject, even if they seem inappropriately intimate, please do feel free to ask. :D

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